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When essential oils are extracted correctly, through distillation, they are 10x more potent than herbs and plants and can penetrate every single cell within minutes. Once it enters the cells, powerful natural healing starts to generate. Essential oils contain hundreds of different crucial chemical components that repair injured cells, enhance immunity, have anti-toxic/anti-viral properties, to name a few.

We have carefully chosen essential oils due to their unique chemical structure. Here at Celestial Sage, we understand the importance of purity and quality and have done extensive research on essential oils. We have chosen top-quality essential oils that have a COA (certificate of analysis).

Each of our products is carefully formulated with different essential oils for various healing and therapeutic factors, from invigorating oneself to calming and releasing tension or detoxifying minerals.

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In today’s world, inexpensive diluted essential oils have flooded the market, leaving consumers wondering if they bought a beneficial product, unlike other companies that fill their products with preservatives and unnecessary chemicals to mass-produce.
Our mission is simple; to create handmade products with unique synergistic blends that are beneficial and possess therapeutic properties. Here at Celestial Sage, we use pure essential oils and other natural ingredients that will not harm human tissue.

Celestial Sage recipes have been passed down through generations, and our Nana has taught us to be conscientious about what we put on our bodies, and we are excited to share this with our customers. A special thanks to my Nana for her guidance, grace, and expertise. Always remember Celestial Sage products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Our Story

Celestial Sage Natural Apothecary

The healing powers of essential oils ~ roots, barks, and herbs~ fascinated me from an early age.

My Nana (grandmother) is whom I credit for my knowledge and expertise of natural herbs. Until she passed away at one hundred years old, she would drink goat’s milk and use it in her daily facial routines. My Nana had beautiful skin and was as feisty as ever! I can’t remember her ever going to the doctor when she wasn’t feeling well, although I remember quite well her jars of “Remedios.” (“Remedios” is Spanish for remedies). If you were to open up her refrigerator, chances are, you came across more jars filled with herbs for different “Remedios” than actual food. She had a cure for everything! I am very grateful to have learned so much about herbs, flowers, and essential oils from her.

At a relatively young age, I learned all about the naturopathic way through her. My Nana lived down the street, and anytime we were sick or had an ailment, we would call her and give her our symptoms. There was no such thing as going to the doctors unless you had a broken bone or an ailment; she couldn’t heal with remedios. She would put together a tea, rub, or simply have you chew on some sort of bark (usually Osha). Nana had a concoction for everything from eucalyptus for colds, tea tree for acne, chamomile & calendula for menstrual cramps, lavender for burns, arnica for bruises, tagette for fungus, and clary sage for depression, to name a few.

I am living proof of how well her remedies worked. When I was 10, I decided to deep fry a chimichanga because I was hungry, and there was no other food to make. (didn’t have much supervision, but that’s another story for another time). When I placed the burrito into the boiling grease, I accidentally hit the pan, causing hot manteca to splatter and cover my entire face. Running, screaming through the house, my sister ran me down to my Nana’s, and she began treating my whole face with her remedios for an entire week. I can’t remember everything she put on my face, although I know chamomile oil (German), lavender oil, and neroli oil were among the concoction. She covered my face, entirely, with zinc oxide, aloe, and beeswax. Every day, I walked down the street to my Nana’s house for a week, and she would check, clean, and reapply the concoction to my face. At the end of the week, my Nana removed the bandages, and, to my surprise, I did not have one scar from this horrible accident.

When I was 30, my son, Zechariah, passed away at age 11. I once read, “pain is magic, suffering is tragic”… (Glennon Doyle). My journey, how I knew it, would come to a halt, and the pain didn’t feel magical. I would have to reinvent my story once again, and through doing this, I understood Glennon Doyle’s quote.

The study of essential oils is captivating to me and keeps me connected to my Nana. Soon after Zechariah’s death, I started reading as much as I could about the power of EO’s, along with making up concoctions. Producing recipes became my distraction from some of the pain my body endured. Essential oil teas and smells helped me to breathe on this earth without Zechariah. The more I read and studied natural remedios (herbs & flowers), the more I became connected with nature, and the more my faith grew. The beauty of nature allows me to understand that God/Mother nature has a bigger plan than what appears right in front of us. Some call this faith. By applying my knowledge of essential oils, I began to form Celestial Sage and formulate essences that help people on a mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical level.

The human body is very complex to understand, and therefore I have studied aromatherapy and herbal classes and taken many science classes to include Chemistry, APl, & APll. With science always evolving, it’s essential to continue to educate myself and apply my knowledge towards Celestial Sage.

Celestial Sage is a family-run business with my two great-nieces Elizabeth Medina, Denae Walker (who have experienced their fair share of suffering and were able to find magic through their pain). My son Randy (who was extremely close to Zechariah), and daughter Alyssa (who came a year after Zechariah’s passing).
There is a creative spark in each of us that makes Celestial Sage products superb. We have built a team that brings great ideas to the table and has turned them into extraordinary recipes. Here at Celestial Sage, we have all had the privilege of discovering the power of Remedios in distressing times, whether it be a tea, a soak, or a simple sniff of aromatherapy.

Here at Celestial Sage, we aspire for our customers to get the most beneficial factors from essential oils. Therefore, we have compounded them into unique natural soaps and spa products. Are you looking for an incredible natural goat’s milk soap made with essential oils? Celestial Sage is where you’ll find them! Are you in need of a natural, mineral detoxifier for your overcharged body? Our Bath Soaks are perfect for this! Our products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Celestial Sage is where you’ll find different products made with 100% real essential oils, flowers, and fixed oils. Each product line is created with essential oils for various healing factors. Celestial Sage recipes have been passed down through generations, and we have my Nana to thank for her guidance, grace, and expertise.

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