The Soother


The Soother, better known as a pain stick, works wonders as a topical pain reliever.

Here at Celestial Sage, we carefully pick the right concoction of ingredients to support our products. The Soother is made with organic essential oils to include: rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, copaiba oil, vetiver oil, blue tansy, and wintergreen which are helpful pain relievers.

It contains a host of other ingredients: Beeswax; emollient for skin, Olive oil; a moisturizer, Avocado butter; softens rough, dry and cracked skin, Flaxseed oil; high in Vitamin E and helps clear up psoriasis, and Benzoin oil; acts as an anti-fungal and often used in wound care.

The Soother is a good remedy for people suffering from joint pain, arthritis, rheumatic conditions, and sciatica nerve pain. The Soother can reduce inflammation of different body areas while simultaneously eliminating the pain for a couple hours of relief. Not only is it great for pain, but it is also an excellent moisturizer. Offered in two sizes; 1 oz and 2 oz push-up tube.


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