"I tried the dog shampoo on my two dogs and it was awesome. It created a great lather, easily rinsed out, and smelled so good. When their coats dried, their fur was so soft! I highly recommend this product."
"I live in a dry climate. The eczema bar is my favorite soap to feel clean and like my skin is nourished. The bath salts are fantastic. My old bones love them."
"Celestial Sage soaps are great! They make your skin so soft and smell so good. Depending on which soap you get, you can be relaxed or energized as well. The soaps from CS seem to last a little longer than most normal bars of soap which makes them a great bang for your buck. Love them!"
"The eczema formulated bar soap is the best eczema bar soap I've come across. 7 months into my pregnancy, I came down with a severe flare up. I tried numerous over the counter and prescription body washes and soaps that provided little itching relief and left my skin feeling slimy. A friend recommended I try the eczema formulated bar soap and it has drastically helped with the swelling, itching, and redness. Not only does my skin feel clean but I also have peace of mind that I'm not subjecting my unborn baby to or myself to harmful chemicals since the soap is made of all natural ingredients. I would highly recommend these products!"
I have the opportunity to try two different soaps. As a cancer patient undergoing chemo, I have to be very care to not use products with harsh chemicals. Both of the soaps I tried were wonderful. They did not dry out my skin, cause a rash like some others have, or leave a film. The scent and lather were just right. Not too strong. I would certainly use these products in the future.

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