Succulent Salve

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Introducing our Succulent Salve, an exceptional moisturizer crafted with premium myrrh, sandalwood, and Eucalyptus Oil essential oils. This exquisite blend also features all-natural butters, renowned for repairing dry, cracked hands and creating a magnificent formulation. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, it's a must-have for individuals who work tirelessly with their hands. Why Succulent Salve is a necessity

  1. Weather Defense: Shield your hands from the impacts of all types of weather.
  2. Healing Power: The perfect combination of essential oils and soothing butters makes it a potent healer for dry, chapped, and cracked hands.
  3. Fast Absorption:Easily and rapidly absorbs into the skin for instant relief.
  4. Perfect Gift: A thoughtful and practical gift for your favorite hands-on workers.
  5. Versatile Application: Beyond hands, it serves as a universal salve suitable for legs, elbows, facial hair, and chest area. Experience the nourishing touch wherever you need it.


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Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Colborg

I live a dry climate tried everything for my hands are always cracking tried succulent salve healed them next day they were not dry or rough Thank you Celeste sage you have customer for life

Stephanie C.

A must for those who live in Colorado. My skin sprits on my fingers, it is so dry here. This is a perfect solution

Lisa T.

Smells so amazing!!!

Princess Affie

I gifted this soap to a professional braider who is constantly washing her hands and she loves it. She has been using the same bar for awhile now and says it leaves her hands feeling hydrated for hours! I plan to buy more for the both of us. Thank you for the time you put into these,it really shows!


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