The Celestial Sage Difference

In today’s world, inexpensive diluted essential oils have flooded the market, leaving consumers wondering if they bought a beneficial product, unlike other companies that fill their products with preservatives and unnecessary chemicals to mass-produce.

Our mission is simple; to create handmade products with unique synergistic blends that are beneficial and possess therapeutic properties. At Celestial Sage, we use pure essential oils and other natural ingredients that will not harm human tissue.

Celestial Sage recipes have been passed down through generations, and our Nana has taught us to be conscientious about what we put on our bodies, and we are excited to share this with our customers. A special thanks to my Nana for her guidance, grace, and expertise. Always remember Celestial Sage products are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Our Story

The healing powers of essential oils ~ roots, barks, and herbs~ fascinated me from an early age. I credit my Nana (grandmother) for my knowledge and expertise in natural herbs. Until she passed away at one hundred years old, she would drink goat's milk and use it in her daily facial routines. My Nana had beautiful skin and was as feisty as ever! I can't remember her ever going to the doctor when she wasn't feeling well, although I remember fairly well her jars of "Remedios." ("Remedios" is Spanish for remedies). If you were to open up her refrigerator, chances are, you would come across more jars filled with herbs for different "Remedios" than actual food. She had a cure for everything! I am very grateful to have learned so much about herbs, flowers, and essential oils from her.

I am an eyewitness to the effectiveness of my Nana's remedies. When I was ten years old, I tried to deep-fry a chimichanga. Unfortunately, I accidentally hit the pan, and boiling grease splattered all over my face while I was trying to place the burrito in the pan. My sister rushed me to my Nana's house, who then treated my face with her remedies for an entire week. I cannot recall all the ingredients she used, but I remember that chamomile oil (German), lavender oil, and calendula oil were among them. She applied zinc oxide, aloe vera, and avocado to cover my face and other remedies daily. She checked, cleaned, and re-applied the concoction every day for a week, and to my amazement, I didn't have any scars left from the incident. That's how The Heeler came into existence.

Celestial Sage is a small, women-owned business that has inherited knowledge passed down through generations of natural healers. Our uniqueness lies in our commitment to healing people through natural means, without ever using anything that could harm one's mind, body, and energy. We focus on creating products that are beneficial to our customers' health and never use dyes, unnatural fragrances or artificial ingredients, even if they look and smell good. We truly believe that everyone deserves healthy skin, which is why we work tirelessly to create products that are favorable to the skin. We trust that Mother Earth has natural healing remedies for every health problem out there, which has led us on a path of searching, learning, and using these remedies to help people.

When I was 30 years old, I lost my son Zechariah who was just 11 years old at the time. I once came across a quote by Glennon Doyle that said, "pain is magic, suffering is tragic". However, when I experienced the pain of losing my child, it didn't feel magical at all. It halted my journey and forced me to reinvent my story. I began to study herbs and aromatherapy more deeply, hoping to find something natural that would help ease the pain in my heart. I didn't want to go through life suffering.

The study of essential oils and herbs has become a passion for me, thanks to my Nana. After the death of my son Zechariah, I started reading and learning all that I could about the power of EOs and herbs, and began concocting my own blends. Creating recipes became a source of distraction from the pain that I was experiencing. Herbal teas and essential oil aromatherapy blends helped me cope with my loss. As I delved deeper into the study of natural Remedios (herbs and flowers), I felt more and more connected to nature, and my faith grew stronger. The beauty of nature helped me understand that God or Mother Nature has a bigger plan than what we can see. By applying my knowledge of essential oils, I started Celestial Sage and creating essences that help people in all aspects of their lives - mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

The human body is an intricate system that can be challenging to comprehend. That's why I'm constantly studying aromatherapy, herbs, and science. As science is always progressing, it's crucial to keep educating myself and utilizing my knowledge for Celestial Sage.

Celestial Sage is dedicated to providing our customers with the most beneficial properties of essential oils. As a result, we have created a range of unique natural products, including soaps, spa, and skincare items. Are you in search of an amazing natural goat milk soap infused with essential oils? Look no further than Celestial Sage! Or, perhaps you need a natural mineral detoxifier to help recharge your body? Our Bath Soaks are the perfect solution! Our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Celestial Sage is where you'll find products made with 100% authentic essential oils, herbs, and fixed oils. Each product line is created with essential oils for various healing factors. Celestial Sage recipes have been passed down through generations, and we have my Nana to thank for her guidance, grace, and expertise.

Our Promise

Handcrafted Products
No Preservatives or Fillers
Pure Essential Oils
Nana Approved Recipes
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed